I’m urging everyone who sees this post to take just 26 minutes of your time to watch this video and educate yourself about the crisis in the Congo. More than 5.5 million human beings have already died and the rate will soon surpass the Holocaust. More than 40,000 innocent lives are taken EACH MONTH for coltan (found in each of your cell phones, computers, TVs, etc.) and other minerals, and companies like Sony, Apple, HP, etc. are looking the other way so they can get these resources at cheap prices to bring to their customers. This is the greatest genocide of our time. Please watch the video and know what is happening in our world. While we sit with our computers, people just like ourselves are being forced to mine these resources against their will, as well as are killed, mutilated, and raped. There will be no change if people continue to not be aware or look the other way in the individual sphere of their own lives. We need to urge political leaders to change policies about accepting these resources from the Congo. This change NEEDS to happen or the biggest genocide of our time will continue to escalate. 

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